Jewish Blessing Hamsa Garland


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Each flag of this handcrafted garland represents one of the seven key values in the Jewish tradition “Ahavah (Love), Rachamim (Compassion), Chesed (Lovingkindness), Shalom (Peace, Wholeness), Refuah (Healing), Kavod (Respect), and Tzedek (Justice)” and features a screen-printed hamsa design. The Jewish Blessing Hamsa Garland is handcrafted by skilled artisans working with our partner Mahaguthi. Fair trade opportunities help makers find fair prices for traditional crafts and earn sustainable incomes. – 7 cotton flags with gold screen-printed key values of the Jewish tradition. From left to right: JUSTICE (blue), HONOR (red), HEALING (purple), PEACE (turquoise), LOVING KINDNESS (purple), COMPASSION (red) & LOVE (blue). Packaged in a lokta paper envelope printed with the Jewish blessings flags story and the artists name Each flag: 8.75W x 11H inches, Total length of the blessing flags with cord: approximately 103.25L inches, Envelope: 12.25L x 9.5W inches

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